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Based in the South West UK | Email: info@musicboxmedia.co.uk | Tel: +44 7760 144 448


We have a simple ethos here at Music Box Media. 

We feel that Bands, Musicians, Artists, Record Labels - in fact, all Creatives at all levels, from just starting up making noise in a garage to releasing an album internationally, deserve the very best, at a low price point, and to deal with someone with a love of music instead of someone who is more concerned with how big their profit margin is.

To us, you're a fellow musician. A fellow Creator. And we dig that.

We'll answer your text message at 9pm when you suddenly realise you forgot to ask that vital question in your last email. We'll be here to guide you through your artwork when you get stuck and need buzzwords explained in a down to earth way to keep you moving. We'll push you to get your best performance down to Tape - or Hard Drive - or SD Card. Because we've been there, and we know how stressful and faceless it can all be - and so we have a head start on how knowing how best to go about getting you where you want to be with the minimum of fuss so that you can get back to doing what you love the most.


Music Box Media was born in 2010, when Producer & Touring Musician Andy B sat down and decided that after yet another confusing back-and-forth with a CD Duplication company, and a Duplication run of Promo CDs that wouldn't play in every stereo, something needed to be done. The brief was simple:

1. To be able to offer real, pressed "Replicated" CDs at a price to compete with Duplication companies.

2. To cut the B/S and jargon and make the process more musician-friendly

..and so, after a lot of hard work, Music Box Media was born - We pressed our first CD in August 2010. We even remember what it was - our buddies Tyrannosaurus Alan's fantastic debut album "Campaign".

Fast forward a few years and we find Music Box Media still going strong, with founder Andy now producing bands full time, both on location where they live and at his very well equipped home studio in Devon - but also with all ten fingers quite firmly in the Photography and Video pies as well, covering Travel, Band, Lifestyle, Portrait and Documentary Photography, and shooting both Music Videos, Live Music Videos for Electronic Press Kits, and Documentary Film Making. And so, at the end of 2017, we merged it all.

Music Box Media is now a one-stop shop for CD Pressing, Audio Production, Photography and Video - and as such, we are able to offer very competitive deals when combining more than one element.

Please do browse around the site and see what we do, and get in touch if you would like to chat.


Our kettle is always on....